Private Lessons

Private Dance Instruction

Ashley Ballet Arts Academy offers private instruction for students who wish to improve quickly through one-on-one interaction with an instructor.

  • Private lessons are available for dancers currently enrolled at Ashley Ballet Arts Academy. Please contact the Director if you are not a current student and would like more information about our private lessons.
  • Lessons must be paid for at time of booking. Please email with any questions or issues.
  • If your desired instructor is listed as a provider, but does not have availability listed, please check with them - some instructors prefer to add availability upon request - but they may be fully booked, or not available at this time.
Private Lessons
 30 mins  $45
 45 mins  $60
 60 mins  $75

Mind/Body Program


Private Pilates training is offered for anyone who wishes to push their physical possibilities, strengthen their bodies, further technique, increase flexibility, and/or rebuild following injury. Semi-private instruction is also available, allowing students to gain the benefits of private training at a lower price point.

Private Pilates Reformer or Mat Lesson Duet Pilates Mat Lesson
45 min for $75
60 min for $85
45 min for $55/person
60 min for $65/person

Progressing Ballet Technique

Private PBT training with certified instructors is offered for dancers who wish to improve their ballet technique, strength, and stamina through the use of proprioceptive tools such as balls and resistance bands. Private PBT lessons are highly recommended for students with no prior experience with PBT who wish to enroll in PBT classes during our regular class sessions.

Private PBT Lessons
 60 mins  $75

Contact the Mind/Body Program Director with any questions.

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