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Ashley Ballet Arts Academy’s program is designed for dancers of all abilities, from ages 3 through adult. Dancers choose classes à la carte from our class schedule. Dancers must adhere to individual class requirements (e.g. in order to promote proper technique and strength, dancers must enroll in a ballet class in order to enroll in jazz), but can otherwise craft their own schedule with a commitment level that they are comfortable with. Dancers who wish to train more seriously and receive more performance opportunities may audition for Ashley Ballet Arts Academy's Ballet Arts Youth Ensemble.

Below, watch clips of our classes in action, and hear ABAA Director Ashley Burkland explain the ABAA philosophy, class structure, and opportunities our students may experience. Thank you to Miles Heille for the production of these videos.

Pre-Ballet Division

Ages 3-6

This division gives children an introduction to ballet and an exploration of dance and artistic movement. The program is designed to help develop a knowledge of ballet terminology, motor skills, musicality, creativity, and social skills through engaging lesson plans. We stress the beauty and etiquette of ballet in a fun and supportive way that will leave your child smiling at the end of class.

Please note that Pre-Ballet dancers are required to be fully potty trained.

Please see our Dress Code for uniform requirements.

Junior Division

Ages 6-11

Here we lay a strong technical foundation and teach our students a wide breadth of classical terminology. Each level has a comprehensive syllabus which all of our teachers follow to ensure consistent instruction and appropriate material for each developmental stage. We stress the unique discipline and etiquette that ballet requires, in a warm and encouraging way. We believe taking the time to perfect placement is the best way to set our students up for success as they advance. We don't just teach the steps, we educate our dancers on how to execute them correctly, with strength and artistry. Dancers will increase coordination, muscular development, flexibility and musicality, in a structured yet fun environment.

Please see our Dress Code for uniform requirements.

Senior Division

Ages 12-18

Our goal is to educate our Senior level students in the art and athleticism of dance, helping dancers of this level to achieve their full potential in a challenging and supportive environment. Excelling in dance takes discipline and hard work, which we strive to instill in our students. In our Senior division, students are given the tools for a successful future, whether it be a career in professional dance or in a different field.

Please see our Dress Code for uniform requirements.

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