Mind/Body Program

For Dancers

Providing dancers with opportunities that build knowledge, strength, and versatility. Offering injury prevention and related therapy.

For Parents and Families

Providing convenient cross training and therapeutic opportunities while you are at the studio for your child's dance class.

For Other Adults

Offering adults in the wider community competitive, affordable rates on quality fitness training to help them lead active and happy lives.

Group Classes

Pilates, Yoga, GYROKINESIS®, and more…

Classes are offered during our School Year and Summer Sessions for dancers wishing to supplement their training with additional cross training. These classes are also open to parents and families of ABAA dancers and to adults in the wider community. Classes follow the studio schedule for Winter Break, Spring Break, etc. See our current and upcoming class sessions for detailed scheduling and registration information.

Private Reformer Training & Duet Sessions

Private training is for anyone who wishes to push their physical possibilities, strengthen their bodies, further technique, increase flexibility, and/or rebuild following injury. Semi-private instruction is also available, allowing students to gain the benefits of private training at a lower price point.

Try an Introductory Package!          5 60-min lessons for only $350.
Private Pilates Reformer or Mat Lesson Duet Mind/Body Lesson
45 min for $75
60 min for $85
45 min for $55/person
60 min for $65/person

Contact the Mind/Body Program Director with any questions.

The Mind/Body Self Care Series

Individual special events for adults and teens offered at ABAA, all under the theme of self-care.
Select Friday Nights 7:00 - 8:00 pm
$10 per seminar

Email Program Director Julie Marie to register.
Please note a 10-person minimum is required to hold a class. All seminars held in Studio 3 at ABAA. Payment by cash/check.
Attend 3 classes in a row and get a free Mind/Body gift!

Tola Workshop

Special Guest: Dr. Jonathan Reynolds, PhD, PT, CWCE
Friday, September 20
7:00 pm
Ages 15+

Join Jonathan for a Q&A and guided self-massage session with the Tola System, a method of self muscle massage using small trigger point tools. If you are looking for freedrom from chronic pain, increased muscle flexibility, improved joint range of motion, and post-exercise recovery, then this Tola workshop is the seminar for you!

Bring your own Tola supplies. (ABAA is able to provide some supplies as needed, and is a Tola retailer should you want to purchase and TolaPoints after class.)

Stress Management

Special Guest: MyHealth for Teens
Friday, September 27
7:00 pm
Ages 11-18

The goal is for you to be so relaxed that you fall asleep by the end of this presentation! Students will learn about physical and emotional responses to stress, gain coping skills, and learn effective ways to interrupt negative self-talk. The presentation concludes with your MyHealth educator leading you through a guided meditation and a chance to practice healthy coping skills.

Injury Prevention/Care Seminar

Friday, October 4
7:00 pm
Ages 11-18

Start the year off strong! Learn how to listen to your body and understand the difference between pain and soreness. Gain a list of tools and resources to take care of yourself within your daily dance schedule. Many topics will be covered in this seminar, such as when to use ice versus heat, the benefits of cross-training, the importance of proper alignment, and how to modify to fit an injury but still participate fully in classes while recovering. Empower yourself to prevent and/or recover from injury and be a resilient dancer in any situation!

Muscle Discovery Zone

Special Guest: Meredith Butulis, DPT, OCS, CSCS, CEP, CPT
Friday, November 15
7:00 pm
Ages 9-18

YOU are in charge of this interactive experience. We will play on an interactive choose-your-own-adventure game, where we discover unique muscle lengthening, activation, and imagery to enhance techniques like relevé, leg extensions, turns, and port de bras. You will leave with a new understanding of muscles and how to immediately apply these experiences in your own dance practice. This session is movement based, and appropriate for all levels.

Let's Talk! The Parent Toolkit: Social Media & Body Image

Special Guest: MyHealth for Teens
Friday, November 15
7:00 pm
For all parents, especially those with children aged 11-18

Join MyHealth for a "fireside chat" about any and all topics related to your young person, and how to effectively communicate with them through all parts of their journey. This seminar will focus on (but is not limited to) texting, social networking, cyber safety, and healthy body image. Bond with fellow parents and receive answers and tons of resources for all your needs.

Guided Self Muscle Massage: Legs & Feet

Friday, December 13
7:00 pm
Ages 11-75

Participants will use a tennis ball and clinically proven myofascial release techniques to relieve stress, improve circulation, and promote holistic wellness through preventative health management. A simple tennis ball offers a helpful and portable way to take care of your body and treat/prevent soreness or tight muscles that can lead to strains or injuries in dance and daily live.

ABAA Is a Proud TolaPoint Retailer!

The TolaPoint system, created by Dr. Jonathan Reynolds, is helpful for anyone, and allows people to treat pain through simple, easy to use methods for pressure point therapy and self muscle massage.

Dr. Reynolds holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in physiotherapy from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and a PhD in Rehabilitation Science from the University of Minnesota. He is a physical therapist at Orthology, Inc. and the Chief Curriculum Officer and Director of Operations for Minnesota. His specialties include orthopedic outpatient physical therapy for those of all ages suffering with musculoskeletal injuries, especially industrial workers, performing artists, and those with chronic pain.

ABAA students and staff enjoyed a TolaPoint workshop with Dr. Reynolds in June, 2019.

More information about the Tola system available on the TolaPoint website

Consider TolaPoint for:

  • freedom from chronic pain
  • increased muscle flexibility
  • improved joint range of motion
  • less post-exercise fatigue and soreness
  • reduced post-exercise recovery times

Purchase TolaPoint at the Front Desk

ABAA offers special pricing on The Dancer's Intro Kit, $40:
1 TolaPoint of choice
Carrying bag

See the full menu of Tola items and prices at ABAA (PDF)

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