Défilé 2020
Sunday, May 17, 2020

Show A: 10:30am | Pre-ballet 1:00pm | Show B: 2:30pm
Ives Theatre at the Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center
11411 Masonic Home Dr. Bloomington, MN

What is Défilé?

The French word “défilé” translates to  “procession” or “show.”  Défilé is Ashley Ballet Arts Academy’s annual end-of-year showcase.  This year, we will be reprising the theme of great works from the classical music canon. Although our motif may alter from year to year, we maintain our tradition of hosting Défilé not as a full length ballet production with extravagant costumes, but rather as an intimate performance where our students can demonstrate the skills and progress they have gained during the school year.


Though highly recommended, participation in Défilé is not mandatory. Learning choreography is a fun and essential part of dance training, so even if students choose not to participate in Défilé, they will still learn the choreography during class time. Participation forms (PDF) are due by Tuesday, January 15


Each class at ABAA has a syllabus that we progress through during the school year. Beginning in March, instructors start stringing together the skills from the syllabus, and set them to music, creating a piece of choreography for students to perform in Défilé. This approach allows us to keep technique at the forefront of our classes, while still affording students the opportunity to learn choreography and perform it onstage – another valuable element of their training. Dancers who are not able to participate in Défilé will still learn their class’s choreography during class time. Due to the nature of the classwork, pre-pointe, pointe-prep, and conditioning classes will not have a performance piece.


Due to limited seating, each family may order up to 4 tickets when handing in their participation form. Additional tickets may be requested on this same form, pending availability. Shows are general seating. Doors open 30 minutes prior to the performance. No “placeholders” allowed.

$10 each with cash/check payment
$12 each with card payment

Photography & Videography

A professional video of the performance is included with your participation. DVDs will be available for pickup at the studio approximately 6 weeks after the performance.

Steve Lucas Photography will be taking in-studio photos of each class and individual shots of each student during normal class time during “Picture Week” our last week of classes. Photos will be available for order directly from Steve Lucas Photography. Order information will be emailed approximately two weeks after the photoshoot from info@lucasphoto.com. Questions can be directed to Steve Lucas Photography, (952) 949-0578.

Costuming & Participation Fees

Défilé participants are not required to purchase a costume. Students wear their ballet class uniform for the performance, and a hair accessory provided by the studio which is theirs to keep after the show. Pre-Ballet dancers should wear their hair in a ballet bun for the performance.

$40  per dancer Junior Dancer Participation Fee
Includes all classes the student is enrolled in. Includes theatre rehearsal time, performance DVD, and cost of hair accessories..
$60 per dancer Senior Dancer Participation Fee
Includes all classes the student is enrolled in. Includes theatre rehearsal time, performance DVD, and cost of hair accessories.
No Charge Pre-Ballet Dancer Participation Fee Is Included in Your Tuition
Includes theatre rehearsal time, performance DVD, and cost of hair accessories.

Rehearsal & Performance Details

Défilé 2020
Sunday, May 17, 2020

What To Wear
  • Wear your class uniform for rehearsal and performance
    • Pre-Ballet: pink ballet shoes, pink tights, light pink/light blue/lilac leotard – ABAA will provide a loaner tutu for dancers to wear onstage and then turn back in
    • Junior & Senior Ballet: pink ballet shoes, pink tights, black leotard, alignment belt
    • Pointe: pointe shoes, pink tights, black leotard, white practice tutu – ABAA will provide tulle cummerbund and a loaner hair accessory
    • Modern & Jazz: black leotard and black bottoms, bare feet or black jazz shoes
  • Female dancers wear hair in a high bun, male dancers wear hair neat, all wear light stage makeup
  • Bring/wear your hair accessory (handed out in class the week before the show)
  • Each class will be taken from the dressing room to the stage to “mark” and run their dance when it is their turn to rehearse. Rehearsal progresses in show order. Please wait in the dressing room until it is your turn to rehearse.
  • After your class has finished rehearsal, students may sit in the auditorium and watch other classes rehearse.
  • 15 mins before showtime, all dancers must report back to their dressing room to freshen up and line up for the performance
Final Bow
  • We invite all students to take a final bow onstage at the end of the performance
  • This final bow will be rehearsed at the beginning of your rehearsal time so it is important to arrive promptly at your check-in time
  • Please wait with your class supervisor in your dressing room after you have performed onstage if you wish to participate in the final bow
  • An announcement will be made in the auditorium asking any dancers watching in the audience with a ticketed seat to head back to the dressing room for the final bow
  • Class Supervisors will take dancers from the dressing room to backstage, and then return them to the dressing room for parent check out
  • Arrive dressed and ready, with hair and makeup done
  • Check in at the ABAA information table in the main lobby of the theater
  • Staff at the information table will direct you to your dressing room
  • Each class will be brought backstage from the dressing room by their “Class Supervisor”
  • Class Supervisors will wait backstage with their assigned class and help them enter and exit
  • After each class has performed, Class Supervisors will help lead them back to the dressing room
  • Students may sit with their parents in the auditorium to watch the rest of the show, or may go back to the dressing room
  • Parents must sign the “check out” form with the Class Supervisor to excuse the dancers
  • Pre-Ballet students may sit with their parents in the auditorium (they will need a purchased ticket) or they may wait in the dressing room
  • We encourage dancers to stay and watch the show, but they may be excused after they have performed
  • Please remember to enter and exit the auditorium quietly and only between numbers
Class Supervisors
  • This year will are not asking for parent volunteers backstage, rather, we are hiring ABAA graduates/college students to be “Class Supervisors”
  • One Class Supervisor will be assigned to every class and will assist them during rehearsal and performance time
  • Parents will need to sign the check in form at their rehearsal call time with the Class Supervisor
  • Parents will need to sign the check out form with the Class Supervisor to release their dancer to them
  • Class Supervisors will help dancers with hair accessories, make sure they are performance ready, supervise them in the dressing room, walk them to the backstage area, meet them backstage again after they perform, and lead them to the auditorium/dressing room afterward and help them with the final bow
  • We are hiring class supervisors! Do you know a College student or have an older child who love to work with children? Let us know!


  • We are looking for volunteers to help usher and sell flowers/refreshments in the lobby
  • Sign up via SignUpGenius after January 15th. Check your email for the sign-up link.


Show A
Sunday, May 17, 10:30 am
(approx. 45 min – 1 hr run time)
Junior Ballet 1
Junior Ballet 2
Junior Ballet 2A
Junior Ballet 2/3
Ballet Bros
Junior Modern 1
Junior Beginning Jazz
Check-In Time: Rehearsal Time: Performance Time:
 Sunday, May 17
8:45 am
Sunday, May 17
9:00 – 10:00 am

*Please remain at the theatre
between rehearsal and performance

Sunday, May 17
10:30 am
*Auditorium doors open at 10:00 am
Pre-Ballet Showcase
Sunday, May 17, 1:00 pm
(approx. 30-45 mins run time)
All Pre-Ballet Classes Check-In Time: Rehearsal Time: Performance Time:
 Sunday, May 17
11:45 am
Sunday, May 17
12:00 – 12:45 pm

*Please remain at the theatre
between rehearsal and performance

Sunday, May 17
1:00 pm

*Auditorium doors open at 12:45 pm

Show B
Sunday, May 17, 2:30 pm
(approx. 2 hour run time)
Junior Ballet Level 2/3A+
Junior Jazz Level Intermediate+
Junior Modern Level 2+

All Senior Levels

Check-In Time:
Rehearsal Time: Day of Performance
Check-In Time:
Performance Time:
 Saturday, May 16
8:45 am
Saturday, May 16
9:00 am – 2:30 pm

*Please reserve the whole
morning. Junior classes
may be dismissed around
12:30 pm

Sunday, May 17
1:45 pm
Sunday, May 17
2:30 pm

*Auditorium doors
open at 2:00 pm

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